I created this Per Diem Calculator because I was tired of the back and forth with my business office (over 10 years ago now) as I struggled to get the calculations right. Like any good programmer, I’m lazy, so I dug into the policy and created a tool to make my life easier. It turned out that lots of other people found it useful too, so I have maintained it over the years, even as I have changed jobs.

Please note the important points below.

  • This page is provided as a service. Always refer to the official travel policy and your business office for definitive answers.
  • Data on this page is based on the Meals and Incidental Travel Expenses portion of the official state travel policy, as downloaded October, 2013.
  • Per the December 2006 revisions to the policy, rounding is optional – please check with your business office. This form will calculate rounded and non-rounded amounts. It always rounds up, not down per the policy.
  • This page meets standards for accessibility for both Section 508 and WAI

Please send any updates or corrections to dcartertod [is my userid at] vccs.edu.


David Carter-Tod
(Last update: October 2013)
Information Technology Services
Virginia Community College System